The production programme of our company includes various machine parts, tools, devices, gear wheels for machine tools, shipbuilding, processing, construction and agriculture industry. Gears for transport vehicles and gear pumps.

We manufacture gearboxes, reducers, multipliers, etc. We manufacture a variety of high-precision machine parts in smaller batches customized according to your or our documentation. The machining is carried out with multi-axis vertical machining centers. We provide support in repair of industrial equipment. Machining is carried out free of charge.

30 years of experience in metal processing with milling


We manufacture gear wheels for well-known customers:
• Cylindrical gears with straight teeth
• Cylindrical helical gears
• Bevel gears with curved teeth
• Bevel gears with straight teeth
• Worm screws and worm wheels
• Spline shafts
• Chain wheels


We manufacture machine parts according to documentation or templates:
• axes and shafts
• spline shafts
• gear wheels
• belt pulleys
• tool parts
• housing manufacture
• cylinders
• flanges
• eccentrics
• hubs


• CNC turning
• CNC milling
• CNC machining with 4-axis machining centres
• Universal turning and milling
• Milling and broaching the gears
• Milling of bevel gears with curved teet
• Milling of bevel gears with straight teeth
• Grinding of gears
• Grinding of spline shafts (4, 6, 8 and 10 splines)
• Internal and external grinding
• Grinding of tapers, center drill holes, tools
• Manufacture of tools and devices
• Manufacture of different machine parts according to customer documentation individually or according to a template.

Precise measurements of lengths, 3D shapes, hardness, surface roughness.